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Whether your assessed value is up, down or flat, you may be able to save money this year. Great or small, the savings belong to you. Over the life of a typical mortgage, an average savings of just $100 per year could grow to over $11,000. Don’t give it away.

89% success rate in 2012.

Your county appraisal district doesn’t have enough people or money to value each home individually. The mass appraisal techniques they are forced to use cannot get the values right, and they know it. As a result, those who protest are very likely to be successful.

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We’ll help you decide if you should file a property tax protest. If you shouldn’t, we’ll tell you upfront. If you should, we’ll provide a complete argument. If we advise you to file a protest and you don’t get a reduction, we’ll give you a refund.

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Last year 30% of homeowners didn’t show up for their protest hearing. If the hearing date catches you by surprise, don’t worry! Give us 48-hour notice and we will appear on your behalf. The same rules apply, if you don’t get a reduction, we’ll give you a refund.